Monday, January 3, 2011

Weekly Meal Plan

2008...Wow, it's been a long time since I have posted anything on this blog.  I am not going to apologize, because my goal this year is to be OK with imperfection, so the only thing to do is move forward.

I am also not going to make any grand promises, but I would like to start posting here more.  That being said, I have an idea formulating... more on that later if it ever develops into anything, but it does have to do with posting a weekly menu and I thought I would get started now while I feel the momentum building.

If nothing else, I am hoping to get better at making my weekly menu like I used to be.  I know we eat better and I spend less money when I do.  It also reduces a lot of the "what should I make for dinner" stress.

The menus are not going to be glamorous.  I will do my best to post recipes that I have not posted in the past or link to recipes that I have posted before.  Again, no promises.

Monday ~Chicken Jumbalaya
Tuesday ~Crispy Chicken Wraps
Wednesday ~Spaghetti
Thursday ~Summer Garden Soup
Friday ~BBQ Hamburgers
Saturday ~Tilapia, Rice and Brussel Sprouts
Sunday ~YoYo  (This stands for "Your On Your Own" and is basically a leftovers night)

Of course, as with any menu this is subject to change if I have any intense cravings or if my husband and I decide to go on a date or something, but for the most part, this is what we will eat this week.

One thing I will try to do when planning my menus is have at least one night with fish (this means we will be eating a lot of tilapia because it is the cheapest kind to feed a family of 6 with), one night that has no meat and one night that is YoYo.

Please post your menu in the comments section and hopefully we can all help each other out with the dinner rut!

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NessaAnn said...

Ooo, crispy chicken wraps sounds yummy. You should share that recipe sometime soon!